The Solar Industry is booming!

With the price Electric at an all time high, the demand for Solar PV and Battery storage has followed suit.

We are installing Solar Edge optimized systems with Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery Storage so that our customers can monitor their systems remotely and see just what their solar is doing for them.

With a Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery storage unit our customers are currently able to sign up for the Octopus Energy Tesla Tariff, tying their electricity price to less than 12p/kW and avoiding these price hikes. We’re seeing Energy prices of 28p-32p/kW for most renewals, on a standard 3500 kW electricity bill that’s a saving of around £700 for the year, and the price hikes are not likely to stop here.

We’re currently not taking any new enquiries for a couple of months whilst we focus on our current work but we wanted to let you know that we are still here, working hard and keeping up to date on all that the Renewables sector has to offer you.



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