Preparing for the launch of the Domestic RHI

Some people are getting ahead of the game ready for the launch of the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive next Spring!

Domestic Biomass installations can already claim £2000.00 under the Renewable Heat Premium Payment but the government are due to launch the Domestic RHI which will pay you based on an average energy  usage figure for your property which is calculated through a Green Deal Assessment. You are then paid 12.2p per kW on this figure!

Last week saw our men busy installing a K Series Pellet boiler at a house in Herefordshire who previously spent the winters rather cold!

When the RHI launches governments announcements suggest that they will be paid on a figure of 27248 kW, at 12.2 p/kW this is £3324.25 for 7 years!!! That’s the installation paid for and a bit more!



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