Domestic Log Boiler arrives on site in Worcestershire.

Today some of the Efficient Energy Centre installation team are on site in Worcestershire taking delivery of a Navora Log Boiler to heat a domestic property.

They will position the equipment and begin works immediately, the full installation should take 7-10 days.

The property has a space and water heat demand of 42614 kWh per annum, a figure reached through an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

The owners will be paid 10.98p/kW from the government under the Renewable Heat Incentive, this will be paid over 7 years earning them £4679.00 a year…£32753.00 in total (Plus RPI)! The scheme is designed to pay you back for your system however due to it’s generosity the owner is set to make a nice profit from their installation. Return on Investment on this particular installation is 14.6%

Every Property has an individual heat demand so these figures will vary but you can see how excellent the payback is. Photo 10-02-2015 11 15 56Photo 10-02-2015 11 12 01 (1)





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