Historic Herefordshire house heated with wood chip boiler

Paunton Court in Herefordshire had no choice but to change from a Talbott wood chip boiler which had only been installed some three years before.


Having had little or no heating or hot water for a great deal of the previous winters the owners asked Euroheat and AW Mathews (Efficient Energy Centre) for help.

Euroheat advised to replace the existing Talbott 200kW boiler with an HDG Compact 100 wood chip system,  revise the boiler room layout and improve electrical controls.

About Paunton Court and its Frome Valley Vineyard.

Wine has been produced in Herefordshire since Medieval times, and at Paunton Court we are very happy to maintain this tradition. Our vines are grown on a gentle south facing slope in idyllic English countryside. The grapes are lovingly tended to take full advantage of the best of the sunshine and are picked at the peak of their condition.

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