Domestic & Non Domestic Biomass Boilers

Heating with Biomass wood chips, wood logs, wood pellets and sawdust/shavings, recovers energy on site, safeguards local jobs and offers an additional source of income for land and forest managers.

The use of wood reduces our dependence on heating oil and natural gas, it is an excellent way to be ecologically responsible as it has a virtually closed CO2 cycle.

The burning of wood generates lower sulphur dioxide emissions as compared to heating with fossil fuels and there is no need to worry about disappearing forests; more wood is grown each year than we consume.

Wood Fuelled Boilers help you to make an important contribution to a sustainable future for our children.

We have installed many systems and can arrange viewings by appointment.

We can also show you Boilers from 10 – 50 kW fully installed and operational here at our showroom on Harrow Road in Hereford, but have experience in all scale installations.

Servicing & Repair Works

We offer Biomass Boiler servicing and repairs.

Our engineers are specialists in HDG, SHT and Windhager Biomass Boilers but have experience with many different manufacturers.

Please contact our office on 01432 356633 for prices.



Poultry Sheds

We can install boiler solutions into Poultry Sheds in Herefordshire and the surrounding areas.

We work with specialist companies to design and spec your requirements for your poultry sheds from the biomass to the underground pipe installation to the heaters.

Get in touch with us to discuss your project.